More tan 1800 satisfied clients from all along the world ( Denmark, Italy, Mexico, England, Austria, Finland…) recognizes Virtus Off Road as the leading organizer of enduro tours in Spain.

We have cooperated with top riders in national and international races such as:

Toni Jardine (South Africa)  Ladies enduro World Championship (Spain and Portugal)
Jesus Zavala (Mexico): Red bull Romaniacs 2011 ,The Tough one 2012 and Gordexola Xtrem 2011.
Juan Gutierrez (Mexico): Merindades raid 2011.
Jon Aguirrebeitia: Hells Gate 2011,Ezberg Rodeo 2011, Basque Extrem 2011 and Gordexola Xtrem 2011.
Klaus Sorensen (Denmark):  Red Bull Romaniacs 2008 and Hells Gate 2010.
Peter Weiss (Denmark):  Hells Gate 2011.
Team Sego Xtrem Six Days 2009 Portugal.
Alvaro GarcĂ­a: Junior Spain Championship, 2nd in 2010

Jesus Obregon Red Bull Romaniacs 2011 .

Paolo Mendotti Gordexola 2010 y 2011